Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lost Things

Hermes likes to play. And if you’re not paying attention, he will play with you. One of his games goes like this:

It will start with a small object, something insignificant. A pencil, a pen, a piece of paper, a trinket or doohickey. You might carelessly misplace it or have it suddenly vanish from your bag. You’ll think, Oh, that’s ok, i’ll get another. The next object will be something slightly more valuable, a semi-important document, some money or laptop wiring. And you’ll think, geez, I’m so silly for forgetting these. If you still haven’t taken these warnings seriously, be prepared to lose something valuable. And you’ll think NO! What have I done! I should have done this and that! And you’ll be more attentive. But your attention will fade over time, and the cycle starts again.

Pay attention, or suffer. Take notice when your attention is slipping. Do not let attention slowly slip or you will face the consequences. But don’t worry, Hermes is fair: he gives warnings. ;)

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