Thursday, 22 December 2011

On Music

I have always been an individual of many interests and a multitude of capabilities. I know I am skilled in things that others strive to be skilled in. I am an extremely fast learner. I could easily excel in any field that I choose, but many ask me: Why not become a doctor? A lawyer? A stock broker? You have such great potential.

They ask me why I’d chosen music as my main discipline.

This is because there is another element in me besides this drive to learn and become excellent. I also have a great need to submerge myself in my feelings and imagination. I have a need to be absorbed, a need to dream, a need to be entranced, and it comes easily for me. If it were not for my need for trance, I would have chosen another discipline.

It is in music where I can satisfy both of my needs. In music, I can think and feel simultaneously, I can bask in its structural light or drown in a sensory bath. I can piece apart a song and examine how its parts interact, or swallow it whole.

You can say I have picked music as my drug of choice, or you can say that music has chosen me.

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